Headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, Sakata Seed America was established in 1977.  Sakata America’s flower research facilities include the California Research Station and Elite Propagation Facility in Salinas, CA. Many of the flower activities, including breeding, product development and production, take place globally with close integration between the Sakata Seed Corporation headquarter office in Yokohama, Japan, and  subsidiary offices in Europe.  Morgan Hill is also the headquarters for our vegetable seed business in North America.

Sakata Seed Corporation, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan became the first Japanese company to export seed and has since been actively involved in the development of new and improved plant varieties around the world. Our oversea activities have earned us a reputation for quality in over 130 countries.

Our Mission: To contribute sustainably to the betterment of life and culture of people around the world with values created through our innovative flower & vegetable varieties and through our services.

It’s our passion to develop new and high-quality products that not
only bring success to our team and yours, but also spark innovation
and bring solutions to the garden.

Supporting our community is at our core. Through our Corporate Giving programs, we work to make a brighter future for all—from local programs
to nationwide organizations to our industry as a whole.

Above all, commitment to quality, reliability, and service drives us to constantly improve. As our 40th year in North America comes to a close, we look
forward to contributing to the success of our customers and the industry over the next 40 years and beyond.

Let’s Bloom Together!

Celebration of Service - A Look into Our History

1913 - 2017