AAS Gold Medal Winner Alert! Viking Explorer Rose on Green

This is an extreme honor for Sakata and the SunPatiens line.

News: Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor Zinnia Wins Golds at Two Major World Flower Competitions

“IT’S SO CUTE, WOW, WOW, WOW!” Sakata’s Profusion Zinnia Red Yellow Bicolor Announced 2021 AAS Gold Medalist & Fleuroselect Winner A new variety of zinnia developed by Sakata Seed Corporation, […]

News: Sakata Announces Strategic Alliance with Floragard

Sakata Seed America is excited to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with major European Substrate producer, Floragard Vertriebs GmbH, for exclusive distribution of substrates throughout North America. The […]

News: Sakata Partners with the Seed Your Future Movement

Sakata Seed America is delighted to pledge a contribution of $50,000 over the next two years to the Seed Your Future organization through the company’s Corporate Giving program. Sakata joins […]

Grow it Now: The 411 on Candy Showers Snapdragon

Even under some of the worst weather conditions in spring, summer or fall, beautifully-grown bedding plants in full bloom not only sell, but retailers will consistently re-order to get more of those great-looking flowers that almost walk themselves out the door.

AAS News: SunPatiens Spreading Shell Pink Wins Award

This is an extreme honor for Sakata and the SunPatiens line.

Grow it Now: Profusion Zinnias – Explosive, Easy Color

Profusion zinnias are summer garden favorites due to their durability in the landscape and continuous color.

Grow it Now: Producing SuperCal® in Quarts

Technical Support Specialist Bob Croft tells you how SuperCal is a new class of petunia with two great parents (petunia x calibrachoa) that combine to create a remarkable plant.

Trending Now: Pansies & Violas Offer Something for Everyone

Pay Attention to the Trends & Reap the Rewards! Pansies and violas are something to get excited about.

Trending Now: Majorette Gerbera

Endless marketing opportunities abound for garden retailers looking to benefit from popular daisy trends.

Grow it Now: Gorgeous Primula

‘Delight Cherry’ and ‘Delight Almond Blossom’ are an attractive supplement to the primula Danova series.

Grow it Now: SunPatiens® Impatiens

These impatiens perform brilliantly in full sun and heat, giving growers, landscapers, retailers and consumers plenty of reasons to be excited about this series.

News: Sakata Achieves NAKT Certification

Sakata Ornamentals recently earned Naktuinbouw Elite certification (NAKT) from the Netherlands Inspection Service for horticulture.

News: Sakata Goes Solar!

Sakata Seed America, Inc. is pleased to announce its solar project installation at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.

News: Sakata Supports AHA through its Charitable Giving Program

Funds raised from the Heart & Stroke walk event will benefit research, advocacy, outreach and education.

News: Sakata Supports the Salinas Valley

Sakata Seed America, Inc. is pleased to continue its support for the annual Salinas Valley Fair as 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the agriculture tradition.

News: Sakata Continues to Support the American Heart Association

Sakata Seed America, Inc. is pleased to continue its support of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Go Red For Women movement.

Interview: SunPatiens® – Not Your Ordinary Impatiens

Mark Seguin, Sakata’s global marketing manager for cuttings, explains the benefits of SunPatiens and how they differ from ordinary impatiens. As featured in the January edition of Ornamental Breeder.

News: Sakata Supports Plants for Paws

Over $5,700 was raised in less than three hours last Saturday in Salinas at the 3rd Annual Plants for Paws Fundraiser

News: Sakata Continues to Support the American Heart Association

The event, which included approximately 80 teams, including Team Sakata, and raised over $80,000! Funds raised from the Heart & Stroke walk event will benefit research, advocacy, outreach and education.

Article: Sakata Finds and Rescues Panther Kitten!

On Monday, January 18th, Sakata employees performing routine field maintenance found a young male panther kitten abandoned and sleeping in one of the fields of Sakata’s Research Station in Ft. Myers, FL. 

Article: Profusion Zinnias Become First Zinnias to Bloom in Space!

Profusion zinnias have officially made the jump from international succes to intergalactic! 

Article: Breakthrough Agreement Signed with Republic of Indonesia

Sakata Seed Corporation and the Indonesian government have formally agreed on the utilization of indigenous genetic resources for the further development of SunPatiens®.

Article: Sakata Contributes to the Betterment of the Local Community

Sakata was honored for our contribution to the community at the Morgan Hill City Meeting on May 18th.

News: Success With SunPatiens

SunPatiens are growing in market visibility due to several enhancements over traditional New Guineas Impatiens.

Grow it Now: ColorMax Viola

The ColorMax viola series complements and completes a long-standing tradition of excellent viola breeding programs from Sakata.

Article: SunPatiens® – Filling the Gap Downy Mildew Leaves Behind

In North America downy mildew has affected Impatiens walleriana crops in most states and Canadian provinces.

Article: Leveling the Field

The recent World Series brought to mind how baseball is like flower breeding.