News: Sakata Achieves NAKT Certification


Sakata Ornamentals recently earned Naktuinbouw Elite certification (NAKT) from the Netherlands Inspection Service for horticulture.

Sakata is the first company in North America to complete this certification process for ornamental crop maintenance and propagation of elite mother stock.

Because Sakata consolidated its global elite cutting operations at its location in Salinas, Calif., applying for this international certification was a step Sakata leaders felt was necessary.

“We felt it was important for our customers to know that our facilities and program meet the highest standards in the horticultural industry,” says Randy Holbert, Sakata’s Elite program manager. “Our facilities and cultural practices were more or less already in compliance with certification requirements, but we worked for more than a year to align our processes and procedures to meet NAKT standards”.

Naktuinbouw is an independent organization regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture in the Netherlands. It promotes and monitors the quality of products, processes and chains in horticulture, focusing particularly on propagation materials – both nationally and internationally.