Mini plants offer mighty impact at retail!

These beauties are naturally compact – absolutely no PGRs necessary! And you know what that means – these little balls are full of color and maintain their compact, dense habit all by themselves. This means less fuss for the grower and satisfaction for the retailer and consumer.

In addition to its compact habit, Calipetite is early-flowering which make it truly unique amongst calibrachoa and allows it to be utilized in smaller spaces where traditional calibrachoa wouldn’t work. Calipetite is the best choice for high density/small container production for maximum returnper square foot.

For the grower, Calipetite is a breeze! It is daylength neutral and blooms without supplemental lighting. It’s high pH tolerance of 7.0 prevents yellow foliage and because it flowers readily under short days, early shipping is easy. At retail, Calipetite is a head-turner as an end cap item in 3-in-1 combos, quarts and color bowls. Long lasting shelf appeal is bound to result in repeat customers.

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Calipetite vs. Traditional Calibrachoa

Calipetite (left) easily maintains its compact, mounded habit while traditional calibrachoa (right) is quite leggy. And it does this without the help of PGRs!