Candy Showers. Cascading color!

By now, you may have heard of Candy Showers – the first ever trailing snapdragon from seed!

Available in six bright, eye-catching colors, Candy Showers is a show-stopper. Whether as a stand-alone color in a hanging basket or showcased as a mixed container or spreading through a garden bed, these snapdragons are simply beautiful for spring or fall. Be sure to try combining Candy Showers with flowering cabbage and kale and fall pansies.

Due to their low cold tolerance, snapdragons are traditionally marketed as an early spring crop, but Candy Showers have a broad weather tolerance and can be sold in both spring and fall. The strong stems are less woody than vegetative trailing snapdragons which means Candy Showers is less susceptible to stem breakage. These same durable stems allow the plants to hold up very well in the garden and make shipping much, much easier.

Color, Color, Color!

Ask almost any garden center which colors are in demand and most likely you’ll hear red, yellow and purple. Candy Showers delivers tremendous amount of cascading WOW in Red, Yellow, Deep Purple, Orange and Rose. This series was a crowd favorite at the 2018 California Spring Trials and is sure to burst with color all season long.

Dr. Allan Armitage Talks Candy Showers

“Cascading plants are becoming more important, because smaller gardens demand baskets and containers. We’ve been looking at cascading pansies and violas, and cascading snapdragons can be grown side by side with them. [These] are grown from seed, so many growers are already comfortable with snapdragon production protocols. [They] appear to be just what we need to provide an even better class of snapdragons.”