Versatile Performers!

Majestic Giants II, Grandio, Spring Grandio and ColorMax… Our pansy and viola lineup has something for everyone.

Sakata is the world leader in pansy breeding and Majestic Giants II have certainly helped lead the way. First bred in 1966, our Majestic Giants series was the world’s first commercial hybrid pansy and solidified Sakata’s place in the pansy market. Since then, our pansies have only gotten better!

Majestic Giants II is a well-known favorite among retailers and consumers alike. With beautiful 4″ blooms in a variety of colors, Majestic Giants II leads the extra large-pansy market with superior lateral branching that fills in pots and packs quickly.This series is trusted, proven and preferred!

Grandio is Sakata’s large-flowered pansy series bred for efficiency in modern greenhouse production. Grandio boasts a uniform habit between clear and blotched colors eliminating the need for special growing conditions. Reliable for fall production, this pansy is compact in early sowings with less plant stretching in high heat.

Spring Grandio Like Grandio, Spring Grandio is in the large flower class of Pansies, but it is specifically selected for flowering in the winter and going into spring. Spring Garndio offers early-blooming across all varieties because it is more daylength neutral. This series offers incredible plant uniformity and matched bloom time and includes 12 colors and two mixes.

ColorMax  is the next BIG thing in violas! ColorMax provides a tremendous amount of color all season long and has larger flowers than standard violas. These violas are very free-flowering, resulting in more color per square foot. ColorMax is available in 10 colors and a mix.

And not to be overlooked are our additional pansy series:

Crisp colors and reliable landscape performance makes Crown a favorite in many regional markets. It is a vigorous grower with thick flower petals and leaves for strong plants. A trusted and proven series. Rebelina is a trailing viola with unique bicolored flowers that offers multiple uses for autumn and early spring sales.  A medium-to-small flowered pansy, Ultima‘s unique color patters are ideal for display in premium containers and baskets. Best for spring markets, these specialty colors offer high sell-through at retail.

Popular Pansies

Sakata first introduced the Majetic Giants series in 1966 where it recieved an All-America Selections award. The new hybrid received high praise and supply could not catch up with the demand. Therefore, mass production of the seeds commenced, and this heralded the establishment of F1 hybrid pansies on the market.