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Cream White
Dark Salmon Pink
Dark Violet
Dark Violet Fuji
Dark Violet Solar
Light Neon Pink
Light Salmon Pink
Light w/ Eye
Light Violet
Neon Flamed
Neon Pink
Neon Pink Fuji
Pure White
Red Improved
Red Fuji
Salmon Flamed
Violet Flamed
White with Eye
Wine Red Improved
Wine Red Flamed
Wine Red Fuji


F1 Cyclamen intermediate / SEED

It’s hardly surprising that Allure is becoming increasingly popular among growers and consumers. The plants flower very uniformly and the flowers come in a real explosion. Allure is an intermediate cyclamen with a crop time of 27 – 29 weeks and is recommended for use in 4 – 5″ containers.

  • A popular choice for growers
  • Suitable for phased growing
  • Offers very uniform flowering—blooms open like an explosion of color!
  • Proudly bred by Schoneveld Breeding!



Plant Height

10 – 12"

Plant Width

7 – 9"

Crop Time

27 – 29 Weeks