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Cream White
Dark Salmon Pink
Dark Violet
Dark Violet Fuji
Deep Dark Violet
Deep Neon Flamed
Deep Wine Red
Light Salmon Pink
Neon Pink
Neon Pink Fuji
Pink w/ Eye
Pure White
Red Fuji
Salmon Flamed
Salmon w/ Eye
Violet Flamed
Wine Red
Wine Red Flamed
Wine Red Fuji


F1 Cyclamen mini / SEED

Carino has a compact yet slightly open plant structure. This unique combination makes it a reliable autumn crop and it scores high on flower life. Retailers can now include a mini cyclamen in their assortment from summer to winter!

  • Compact, slightly open plant structure
  • Excellent addition for mid-late autumn crops
  • Reliable uniformity at finish with exceptional flower and shelf life
  • Proudly bred by Schoneveld Breeding!



Plant Height

6 – 10"

Plant Width

6 – 8"

Crop Time

27 – 31 Weeks