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Apricot w/ Eye
Cherry w/ Eye
Golden Yellow w/ Eye
Neon Rose w/ Eye
Pink Shades w/ Eye
Scarlet w/ Eye
Semi-Double Yellow
Grower's Select Mix

Festival Simplified

Gerbera jamesonii

Festival Simplified contains 10 popular colors carefully selected from the Festival series for uniformity in flowering time and plant habit. It can be grown year round in 4 to 6-inch containers. While other series may finish faster in smaller containers, they are not as consistent and do not match the quality and reliability of our Festival Simplified assortment.

  • Includes ten popular colors selected from the Festival series
  • Works in a range of pot sizes from 4-6 inches and can be grown year round
  • Florist quality blooms with high bud count at first flush



Plant Height


Plant Width