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SUNPATIENS: The Responsibly Sourced Annual

NEW SunPatiens Branding & POP Materials

For constant, non-stop color, you can’t go wrong with SunPatiens®. SunPatiens are the whole package – colorful, durable, low-maintenance, reliable. Whether in sun or shade, rain or shine, spring thru fall, SunPatiens perform! A cost effective item for mass plantings, use SunPatiens for continuous groundcover color from early spring to first frost. Completely resistant to downy mildew, they are the alternative to traditional impatiens and provide three times the coverage!

SunPatiens® are the first impatiens that actually thrive in full sun. SunPatiens grow fast and fill in quickly thanks to their strong, durable root system. Landscapers, home owners, growers and gardeners alike all love the unstoppable flower power of SunPatiens with unrivaled three-season performance.

Meet the SunPatiens Family!


The Compact series is bred for smaller containers and has excellent branching for a dense, bushy plant that offers high retail appeal. Available in 10 colors, Compact SunPatiens are perfect for 306, quart, gallon and hanging basket production. No PGRs are needed when grown as directed.


Need fast growing coverage? Then Vigorous SunPatiens are the way to go. These plants cover a lot of ground quickly and provide outstanding performance where massive color is essential. This is an ideal product for 60 – 70mm landscape-ready liners.

SunPatiens® genetics are developed in joint cooperation with Indonesia (IAARD).

No Downy Mildew Here!
From numerous trial gardens, public plantings and production greenhouses throughout North America, we have received consistent feedback that SunPatiens are completely unaffected by downy mildew—even if they are surrounded by diseased plants of I. walleriana!