Pretty & Tough Petunias

When it comes to garden performance, SuperCal® and SuperCal® Premium are uniquely superior to all other petunias.Part petunia, part calibrachoa, they combine the very best of both to deliver superior performance and higher satisfaction.

There are good reasons why SuperCal and SuperCal Premium are known as Pretty & Tough Petunias—their non-sticky foliage, healthy vigor and exceptional heat tolerance are only a few of the intergenetic breakthrough qualities that make  the SuperCal family so impressive. In addition, the entire SuperCal family can withstand heavy rains and bounce back with little to no damage.

SuperCal and SuperCal Premium and YOU!

Known for their large, vibrant flowers and superior outdoor performance, SuperCal and SuperCal premium are ideal for growers, retailers and consumers.

For the grower, they are early blooming, pH tolerant and ideal for cold-frame/low-energy production. The strong roots help the leaves stay greener in stressful conditions and SuperCal’s excellent plant vigor. SuperCal can be grown cool, which really helps on energy savings.

For the retailer, the non-sticky foliage provides a cleaner look and the crisp, vibrant flowers provide higher sell-through. Be sure to use SuperCal POP to help boost retail sales!

For the consumer, exceptional garden performance under all kinds of weather—from unexpected late frosts, to rainy-wet cycles and even through the high heat of summer, the SuperCal family delivers! These self-cleaning plants look beautiful all season long. Deadheading is not needed—ever!

New Colors! SuperCal Premium Bordeaux, SuperCal Premium Caramel Yellow, SuperCal Premium Cinnamon,  SuperCal Premium French Vanilla & SuperCal Premium Sunray Pink

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