At Sakata, we’re always excited to share our great products and ideas with you, but never more than this year. That’s because we’ve narrowed our best to the Top 10 WOW – ten superstars that are sure to get your customers saying WOW!

1. Mini & Mighty CALIPETITE
Calipetite grows into a dense ball of color, not like typical leggy Calibrachoa.This sweet series is ideal for mini color bowls, ships well and delivers irresistible retail shelf appeal and high sell-through.

2. UNSTOPPABLE™ SunPatiens®
For constant, non-stop color, you can’t go wrong with SunPatiens®. They are the whole package – colorful, durable, low-maintenance, reliable. Whether in Sun or Shade, Rain or Shine, Spring thru Fall™, SunPatiens perform!

3. Easy Color PROFUSION
Profusion blooms incessantly all season long – it is the heat-loving, low-maintenance, continuous-color choice for outdoor landscapes and containers!

4. She Loves Daisies FESTIVAL
Vibrant colored blooms are carried on full-bodied plants and are great for enjoying cutting and enjoying indoors. The overall uniformity and consistent production requirements make Festival daisies easy for growers to produce at high quality with little complication.

The All Weather Petunia® SuperCal’s non-sticky foliage, healthy vigor and exceptional heat tolerance are only a few of the intergenetic breakthrough qualities that make it so impressive. This series is Pretty and Tough!

6. Sweet Treat CANDY SHOWERS
Candy Showers have a broad weather tolerance and can be sold in both spring and fall. The strong stems are less woody than vegetative trailing snapdragons which means Candy Showers is less susceptible to stem breakage, which means they hold up very well in the garden and make shipping much, much easier.

7. Fabulous VEGGIES!
Sakata offers a complete line-up of top-quality products bred with dealers, growers, and retailers in mind. We’re proud to bring exceptional new varieties to the market, so you’ll be sure to find something that is just what your customers had in mind.

8. Versatile PANSIES & VIOLAS
Pansies and violas are something to get excited about. They come in unique colors, perform well in the garden, and have unmatched versatility and consumer appeal.

9. CUT FLOWER Favorites
Our dedication to this category is ongoing. Precision breeding and superior product are what make our cut flowers tightly programmed for efficient, profitable production and great end-user satisfaction.

10. REFRESH with Constant Color
We believe flowering potted plants should be on every shopper’s grocery list – just like bread, milk, fruits and veggies ! At Sakata, we offer a full range of flowering pot varieties, including Festival gerbera and Appeal campanula, that will help encourage consumers to regularly ‘pick one up!’

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