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Blue Picotee
Pure White
Rose Pink

Excalibur 2

F1 Eustoma grandiflorum / SEED

Belonging to Group II / Standard Double Flower, Excalibur was bred for ease of production and is suitable for growing in areas where temperatures are a bit higher than standard for lisianthus. Excalibur has a strong stem quality, more useable flower buds, medium-sized double flowers, and good vase life. Suitable for production in low latitudes, Excalibur flowers slightly earlier than Flamenco or Mariachi and has less sensitivity to rosette. This series is easy to grow, achieving sufficient height and demonstrates quick and uniform plug performance. The Excalibur Pure White is a real pure white color contrasting nicely with the dark green and strong foliage.

*Picotee patterned varieties may revert to a solid color, depending on growing conditions.

  • Group II / Standard Double Flower
  • Strong stem quality
  • Top flowering, lowering the risk of flower botrytis while sleeved
  • Easy-to-grow, achieves sufficient height
  • Quick and uniform plug performance
  • Less sensitive to rosette
  • Suitable for production in low latitudes



Crop Time

Spring to Mid-summer 22 – 24 Weeks

Stem Length

36 – 48"


4 x 6"