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Compact Blush Pink PP19,597 SAKIMP013
Compact Classic White
Compact Coral Pink UP10,149,453 SAKIMP042
Compact Deep Red SAKIMP060 US 11,076,549
Compact Deep Rose PP21,753 SAKIMP017
Compact Electric Orange PP24,675 SAKIMP025
Compact Hot Coral PP24,321 SAKIMP026
Compact Hot Pink SAKIMP061 US 11,129,345
Compact Lavender Splash
Compact Lilac Improved
Compact Orange PP19,498 SAKIMP011
Orchid Blush US10,477,799 SAKIMP054
Compact Pink Candy US10,238,067 SAKIMP046
Compact Purple Candy
Compact Purple UP10,149,452 SAKIMP044
Compact Red PP25,015 SAKIMP030
Compact Rose Glow US10,638,693 SAKIMP059
Compact Royal Magenta PP26,692 SAKIMP029
Compact Tropical Rose PP28,027 SAKIMP037
Best Friends Kit - Compact Lilac, Compact Royal Magenta, Compact White
Hawaiian Sunset Kit - Compact Coral Pink, Compact Orchid, Compact Purple
Forever Summer Kit - Compact Purple, Compact White, Compact Coral Pink
Summer Salsa Kit - Compact Coral Pink, Compact Hot Coral, Compact Red
Tropical Punch Kit - Compact Purple, Compact Hot Coral, Compact Orchid
Lovebird Kit - Vigorous Pink Kiss, Vigorous Red, Vigorous Shell Pink
Happy Days Kit - Compact Hot Pink, Compact Orchid Blush, Compact Rose Glow

SunPatiens® Compact

Impatiens x hybrida hort / VEGETATIVE

Compact SunPatiens® are bred for strong retail appeal and a smaller habit. They offer the best habit for multi-pack, high-density production. In the landscape, Compact varieties grow 16-30 in. tall and 14-20 in. wide.

The SunPatiens family delivers unsurpassed performance in the garden! Bred for a mounding, spreading habit, SunPatiens® offer unrivaled three-season flower power and increasing consumer brand preference creates pull through demand at retail. These remarkable plants represent a breeding breakthrough: robust, sun-loving, heat-loving impatiens that thrive in full sun or part shade and deliver continuous color from spring through hard frost. SunPatiens® are an excellent alternative to seed impatiens, offering Downy Mildew resistance, non-stop color and impressive 3-to-1 coverage in the garden.

SunPatiens® genetics are developed in joint cooperation with Indonesia (IAARD).

  • The best choice for multi-pack, high-density production
  • Shorter internodes and exceptional branching for dense, bushy plants
  • No PRGs needed when grown as directed



Plant Height

14 – 28"

Plant Width

14 – 24"


14 – 24"