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Clear Purple
Clear Rose
Clear White
Clear Yellow
Beacon Blue
Blue & White Improved
True Blue
Beacon Rose
Blue w/ Blotch Improved
Deep Blue w/ Blotch
Silver Blue
Red w/ Blotch
Clear Scarlet
Rose w/ Blotch
White w/ Rose Blotch
White w/ Blotch Improved
Yellow w/ Blotch
Blotch Mix
Clear Mix
Star Spangled Mix

Spring Grandio

F1 Viola x wittrockiana / SEED

Spring Grandio – It’s Grandio, but specifically bred pansy for early spring production!

  • Specifically bred for early spring production
  • Early blooming across all varieties – more daylength neutral
  • Incredible plant uniformity and matched bloom time
  • The series includes 18 colors and three mixes



Plant Height


Plant Width


Crop Time

10 - 11 Weeks