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Mid Blue PP26,812
Pink PP24,485
Red PP24,381
White PP24,484
Yellow SAKCAL115 PVP 202000254


Calibrachoa x hybrida / VEGETATIVE

Calipetite® is a true breakthrough in calibrachoa breeding. It is a naturally compact mound of color that does not require any growth regulators or supplemental lighting. This sweet series is ideal for mini color bowls, ships well and delivers irresistible retail shelf appeal and high sell-through. Calipetite grows into a dense ball of color, not like typical leggy Calibrachoa. This series is ideal for shipping and has long lasting retail shelf appeal.  Ideal for 3-in-1 combos, quart, multipack or 7-8-in. color bowl.

  • Naturally compact and well-behaved! No PGRs or supplemental lighting needed
  • The BEST choice for high density/small-container production
  • Flowers under short days—early shipping in color is a breeze
  • Mini plants offer mighty impact at retail for high sell-through
  • Plants don’t stretch and maintain a controlled habit all summer long



Plant Height


Plant Width