Stock | Matthiola incana / SEED

Stock is a long-standing cut flower favorite because of the incredible fragrance and form. Stock requires cool temperatures for optimum flowering and quality but Cheerful is an early flowering series that requires less cooling to initiate flowering. Cheerful is generally one to three weeks earlier flowering than our Mid Cheerful series, depending on temperature. This Cheerful series produces voluminous highly scented blooms about 2 inches across on strong stems with 90% of the plants producing double flowers.

  • 90% of the plants produce double flowers without seedling selection for a more cost effective crop
  • Extra-early flowering in cool climates
  • From June sowing, cut flowers can be harvested in September
  • Warmer locations, sow in August for November harvest
  • Uniform plant habit
  • Strong stems, non-branching with deep green pubescent foliage