Dragon’s Breath®

Celosia | Celosia argentea plumosa / SEED

The industry cannot get enough of the unique green-red foliage and blazing-red, long-lasting flowers of Dragon’s Breath Red celosia. Growers like that Dragon’s Breath is quick, easy and economical to produce (for spring or fall) with minimal need for PGRs and fertilizer. Retailers like it for its long shelf life and adaptability—Dragon’s Breath is great in containers, beds and large landscapes. Dragon’s Breath exhibits even more red foliage and flowers under adverse garden conditions like heat, humidity and infrequent watering.

  • Fantastic performance under hot and humid conditions
  • Perfect choice for gallons and landscaping for bright red color
  • Minimal nitrogen needed during growing period, less fertilizer and irrigation needed for growers
  • Extra-large late flowering variety
  • Gorgeous flowering plumes of color!