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Blue w/ Blotch
Clear Golden
Clear Orange
Clear Purple
Clear Rose
Clear White
True Blue
Beacon Rose
Deep Blue with Blotch Improved
Rose w/ Blotch
White w/ Blotch
White w/ Rose Blotch
Yellow w/ Blotch
Blotch Mix
Bright Mix
Citrus Mix
Clear Mix
Royalty Mix


F1 Viola x wittrockiana / SEED

Grandio is our large-flowered pansy series bred for efficiency in modern greenhouse production. A uniform habit between its clear and blotched colors eliminates the need for special growing conditions. Reliable for fall, winter and spring production, Grandio is compact in early sowings with less plant stretch in high heat, has shorter flower stems under long warm days and keeps flowering under short days.

  • Large-flowered: 3.25-in. blooms
  • Bred for ease of growing in today’s production systems
  • Compact in early sowings; less plant stretch in high heat
  • Reliable for fall, winter and spring production



Plant Height


Plant Width


Crop Time

Fall to Spring 10 – 11 Weeks